OMNIA Now Trading Ethereum!
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Dear OMNIA Family,


We are excited to announce that we are now offering Ethereum trading! It was an obvious choice for us and easily our most requested Alt-coin for trading since the beginning!


By tomorrow, September 19th the Ethereum packages will be added to your back office where you can set up trading with the exact same setup process as BTC trading! These packages are the same cost and value as our BTC packages and in terms of BV and QV.


Take advantage of this unique ability to trade one of the most recognizable and valued crypto currencies in the world! We believe, like Bitcoin, that the future is bright for Ethereum and we’re proud to offer premier trading found nowhere else in the world, and exclusive to you - our dedicated IBO’s!


By the way, we have set up an official poll we ask all of you to use in voting for which other Alt-coin you’d like us to begin trading next! Take a look at the poll and choose your favorite here:


All the best,

Your Team OMNIA


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