Major Trading Algorithm Announcement! Incoming Rocket Fuel!
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As you may know by now, our new Trading Algorithm has completely changed the landscape of our business in an extremely positive way! Not only do we have the world's most unique and generous lifetime mining packages, we now offer a trading system that is unmatched in the World. Two products that now solidify OMNIA as a leader in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. Thus, CEO Milan Sormaz & Co-founder Robert Velghe have yet again decided to make an amazing announcement regarding these new services! Pay close attention because this is going to add fuel to your fire!


Starting Wednesday August 1st, all trading algorithm packages come with 150% business volume! (BV)

That’s right, you get 150% BV - so a $1,000 package generates 1,500 BV for your business! That is unheard of! Plus, for the sponsor you get 10% of that, so a $150 Direct Sales Bonus instead of $100! And, if that’s not enough, there is one more surprise. You will receive an additional direct sale bonus based on the amount of BTC sent to the trading platform per each package! For example, if you sell a $1,000 package for 12 weeks of trading 1.0 BTC - you will earn 1% of the 1.0 BTC! This does not take away from the trading platform, it is an additional bonus paid out to your commission wallet buy OMNIA. This means you earn an extra 0.01 BTC bonus!

Not only did we add another bonus for you, but added another 50% to the bonuses you were already getting!  We hope this helps you travel faster down your path of success!

Prosperous regards,

Your Team OMNIA 

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